A Brush with Binti and Builders

Aaah, the joys of the doppelganger. Yesterday I saw my lookalike cutie patootie pal, Binti. We met by the river this time; she’s still as gorgeous as ever mainly because she looks just like me – only smaller.

me and my twin

I was a welcome break from the building work going on at the house. The beautiful assistant is constantly (not) complaining about the semi-naked men toiling in the back passage. I’m enjoying the fact that they’re putting some foul smelling compost down before they turf the back garden. It’s perfect for a roll, as is the pile of sand for the rendering (which makes a great loo, BTW). I made a lovely pattern on the BA’s sheets last night with my filth-laden paws. Snicker, snicker.


The Gloves Aren’t Off

The assistants are in danger – danger of losing me to their builder, Paul. He has the best tummy tickle of them all. The gloves add to the thrill of the tummy tickle.

He’s Baaaaaack!

Not that I’m excited at all but I need to tell you that the fluffy one returned from his South West Coast Path walk yesterday afternoon. He’s been gone about three weeks – I thought he was never going to come back.

remove this filthy sleeping bag at your peril, beautiful assistant

Needless to say I was overjoyed at his return (don’t tell him, though), and I had a lovely little nap on his putrid sleeping bag. The beautiful assistant was annoyed with him for putting such a smelly thing on the sofa but I thought it was great.

Here’s a picture of his route and you can read his blog HERE if you want:

Coverack to home
It’s a long way home

Fraidy Dog

It’s hard being a dog. Everything is terrifying. The Christchurch Regatta had people using loudspeakers so I couldn’t go for a walk by the river. We had visitors on the weekend so the Beautiful Assistant made me go on a ferry ride to the pub with them – too many people there and some were arriving on motorbikes – so noisy. And I’m not even going to mention the massive lightning storm!

Halcyon days – a quiet beach with my two buddies

I’ve heard the BA is looking into me going to see a behaviour therapist – she should just stop letting me be near scary things. I just want to stay at home in my beanbag where it’s safe – with the occasional run to the beach when it’s quiet.

The fluffy one should be back from his walk soon – I can’t wait. (Don’t tell him.)

Fluffy Blog Attack

What’s the world coming to? If you were quick you may have noticed that the fluffy one just commandeered my blog to put on his latest walking update. He’s walking the South West Coast Path. Harumph! I hope no one saw it – he managed to take it off pretty quickly. If you’re interested in it you can look at it here .

He’s walking the South West Coast Path at the moment so I’m home alone with the beautiful assistant. She actually had me chasing balls this morning – how rude.

At least I can have a paddle down at the river to recover from my exhaustive ball-chasing antics. A tout à l’heure (mon dieu – I can’t quite get over that French lesson).


There I was minding my own business taking the beautiful assistant for a walk to the river when out of nowhere comes this Jack Russell called Molly with teeth bared, barking madly and trying to go for my throat. Before I had a chance to retaliate with my own iron-jawed teeth action, the assistant had unceremoniously dragged me up by my harness and placed me within the safety of her arms.

This did nothing to calm Molly down, in fact she bounced so high I thought she was going to fly over the assistant’s head. I snickered as she snapped away to no avail – she didn’t even manage to take a chunk out of the BA – amateur!

tummy tickle
I’m too cute to attack

We know the bitch’s name because her assistants hobbled out and tried to stop the attack. They were a very old couple who were mortified by her behaviour  (and so they should be) – by the time Molly had calmed down and been dragged kicking and screaming into the house these assistants were in need of a nice cup of tea and a lie down.

A rather unpleasant ending to a lovely weekend visiting my pal Paddy and watching the royal wedding (that was boring really as there were no dogs in it).


He’s only been gone 3 days and he’s been unfaithful to me already. I have seen evidence that the fluffy one has been consorting with a whippet/bedlington lurcher in the wilds of Cornwall. No sooner had we dropped him off for his long walk than he started canoodling with Bowjey.

Here is the fluffy one with a lookalike puppet which I was keen on chewing but he was kept out of my reach – damn it. Bowjey’s assistant, Donna, took this photo.

Bearded man with bearded puppet
Hmmm which one is the fluffy one?

I’m now stuck at home with the beautiful assistant who’s enjoying hanging out in her jarmies and dressing gown – she’s so embarrassing. One of the builders caught her out with no makeup this morning. Poor chap had a terrible fright!

He’s Off Again

She’d better keep the treats coming

A couple of years ago the fluffy one walked from Land’s End to John o’ Groats and now he’s off again. Tomorrow the beautiful assistant will drive him to Coverack in Cornwall so he can walk to our house in Dorset.

What a weirdo!

Anyway, that means I’m stuck with the BA for 3 weeks – just me and her – alone – toute seule (that French is coming in handy).

What a nightmare!

He’s going to be doing his own blog too (trying to get in on my act). Despite this blatant attempt to copy me, I will put the link on this site when he does his first post.